Rob when he was 5

Rob Lanphier's Home Page

First, some links:
  • My blog - just like a diary, except there's no good way to dot the i's with hearts.
  • Electorama! - electoral reform website
  • Election Methods Mailing List-Lots of ranting from all corners of the globe about mathematical minutia of elections. I administer this list, but haven't been an active participant in years.
  • Electowidget - a tool I'm building for conducting internet polling using Condorcet, Instant Runoff, etc
  • JSONwidget - new tool (as of 2005-12-01) for editing JSON files in the browser (written in Javascript)
  • My Advogato Page - This is an open source software website that lets me keep a weblog, which I sometimes update.
  • My Slashdot Postings - I got lots of cheap karma on Slashdot from being the RealNetworks guy in the crosshairs a lot. :)
  • My Wikipedia user page - I waste time here, too.
  • My SSH public key - if that sort of thing matters to you

About Rob Lanphier

(updated 2012) - I'm currently Director of Platform Engineering at Wikimedia Foundation, the foundation responsible for Wikipedia. Prior to that, I worked at Linden Lab (makers of Second Life), RealNetworks, and Asymetrix, among other places. Check out my blog for the latest.

Here's my wife's homepage. She doesn't update her page much, either.

This is a list of movies my father-in-law has worked on. He paints things. I'll let him explain.