Rob when he was 5

Rob Lanphier's Home Page

First, some very outdated links:
  • My blog - just like a diary, except there's no good way to dot the i's with hearts.
  • Electorama! - electoral reform website
  • Election Methods Mailing List-Lots of ranting from all corners of the globe about mathematical minutia of elections. I administer this list, but haven't been an active participant in years.
  • Electowidget - a tool I'm building for conducting internet polling using Condorcet, Instant Runoff, etc
  • JSONwidget - new tool (as of 2005-12-01) for editing JSON files in the browser (written in Javascript)
  • My Advogato Page - This is an open source software website that lets me keep a weblog, which I sometimes update.
  • My Slashdot Postings - I got lots of cheap karma on Slashdot from being the RealNetworks guy in the crosshairs a lot. :)
  • My Wikipedia user page - I waste time here, too.
  • My SSH public key - if that sort of thing matters to you

About Rob Lanphier

(updated 2017) - I'm currently an independent contractor. I previously worked at

Check out my blog for the latest.